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How to Dance in a Mask

At Dance Attack!, we are committed to protecting the safety of our students and teachers.  We have many students who are so excited to return to the studio, but masks are still required by our state and county.  Here are some things we have learned over the past month as we welcome students back to Dance Attack!
What is the best mask?
In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but still be able to breathe well during class, some of the best masks are actually the disposable paper surgical masks. These do not block air coming in, but they don’t make your face as warm as some of the thicker cloth masks. 
Should I use the same mask for the whole class?
We recommend having a second mask to change into – it will feel cool and dry, and will keep you from feeling too hot in a mask that has gotten too warm.
Will breathing in a mask make me sick?
Nope! You will still be getting oxygen through and around the mask, and if you have your mask on when you enter the studio, you will have your face protected before you are in class.
I heard some people have medical excuses…
If you have a doctor’s note, you can definitely discuss an exemption with us, however, we’ve been told by people who have bad allergies and asthma and even a double lung transplant (yep, really) that wearing a mask is so much better than the thought of being infected and ending up having to be put under to go on a ventilator in the hospital. (Especially when the mask we recommend is the same one that doctors wear every day for every operation or even routine check up.) For ages 6 and up, all of our dancers in camps and 4 classes have worn their masks so far – you can do it!
How can I get a drink of water?
When the teacher gives you a water break, just be sure to be carefully distanced from other students, unhook one side of the mask, and take your drink, no problem! 
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