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Teacher Brooke leads Virtual Class Warmup

Dance Attack is Virtual for September

Hi, Dance Families.   Yesterday we sent an email to let all Dance Attack students know that when classes begin on Monday, they will be on Zoom.  We’ve had a dozen emails since then asking why they see all the dance studios and gymnastic studios around us open and operating in-person.

Being closed has been incredibly hard on our studio, on our teachers, and on our dancers.  But last week I received a call from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s department, calling on behalf of the county health department, and I was told that NO dance studio or gym in all of Santa Clara County is allowed to be open for indoor classes.  This is by State mandate, because our county is still on the “watch” list for COVID cases. 

I know how incredibly frustrating it is to see so many (all?) dance studios and gyms open around us.  If questioned, they will probably tell you that they are using the previous county rule about “small, stable groups” like “camps” or” youth sports”. I am here to tell you that I was following that, too, and I presented that explanation to the investigator who called me.  When I quoted the letter of the county mandate, it was explained that indoor classes had only been allowed those two days in the middle of July when nail salons and gyms were open for a brief moment, and that when indoor dining and fitness gyms were shut down by the state on Wednesday, July 15, so were all indoor operations of dance studios, even including small camps. The investigator told me that he totally understood that I was not aware of this, as the health department had not officially updated the wording of their restrictions, and that many studios were following the old county guidelines, but that the tougher state restrictions are the final rule at this time, and I was asked to come into compliance. I was told that I must not hold any indoor classes, even though studios all around us continue to operate illegally at this time.

I felt devastated. Our kids need dance! Our kids need activities! Our kids need art, expression, encouragement, enrichment…our kids need the studio!

So we redoubled our efforts to make sure that our class schedule was ready to deliver these classes virtually now, and then in-person as soon as allowed. We are ready to teach, ready to connect with the students, and ready to dance!

We want SO much to see all our students again in the studio, and we are counting the moments until we can do that, but we are also working together to create a new season of classes to engage and nurture all of our dancers, even if we have to start out online.  Because we have worked to create small safe class sizes and equipped all of the rooms with the technology to stream the classes to the students whenever necessary, we are prepared for every situation.  Because smaller class sizes will be required for any in-studio class, students who are already enrolled when we pivot back to the studio will have the guaranteed spots in the classroom.  Once the new smaller number of spaces in the classroom fill, we will still have an online option that continues, but we will not be able to accommodate any additional in-studio signups for those classes that are “full”.  

If you would like more information about the guidelines from the state of California,  here is the webpage that describes industry protocol for the state of California, and here is the exact passage:

“Counties on, or recently removed from, the County Monitoring List must close indoor operations for the following business sectors, events, and activities:

Gyms and fitness centers, like yoga and dance studios”

If you are not able to join us online for classes in September, we understand, and our admin team will work with you to process the class drop.  Please remember we cannot guarantee your in-studio spot if you are not enrolled.  If you are committed to giving your child the gift of dance, thank you so much! We are ready to partner with you to provide the engagement, connection, encouragement, and enjoyment your kids are craving. We miss you all, and we can’t wait to start the season.  If you are ready to reserve your online spot now, our schedule is here

Teacher Brooke leads Virtual Class Warmup