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Hair, Attire & Etiquette

Dance Attack Studio

Dance Etiquette

  • 1. A dancer must arrive at class on time. BALLET / JAZZ students: If later than 20 min., the dancer will sit and watch the class. The first 20 min. is crucial warm up time. Warm muscles help prevent injuries. COMBO CLASS students: If late to class, please put dance shoes on prior to entering the classroom.
  • 2. NO TALKING DURING CLASS! Talking means that you are not hearing what the teacher is saying. Listening carefully and paying close attention is a critical part of the learning experience.
  • 3. RESPECT for your teacher and fellow classmates is the number one lesson in dance class. Students should always look directly into their teacher’s eyes when he/she is giving instructions or corrections. Our teachers dearly want to train great dancers. All students should listen when their teacher corrects another student as the suggestion may also apply to them. Students should NOT correct each other.
  • 4. Students should always thank their teachers at the end of class.

This basic code of dancer’s conduct will help teach our dancers respect that will carryover into all aspects of their lives.

Consistent attendance is also crucial for real progress. We all live in a busy world, and it is easy to be distracted. If you want to become a successful dancer, you will need discipline.

Consistent attendance is key!

Dance Attack Studio

Hair and Attire

Proper attire, shoes, and hair is a must for good training. Hair is to be pulled up off the neck. If hair is too short, it must be pulled back w/ barrettes.

Attire is as follows:

  • Tap/Jazz Ballet Combo: Any style or color leotard. Skirts allowed if above the knee. Ballet & Tap shoes required.
  • Ballet: Black leotard (no skirt), pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair up in a bun. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Adult Ballet: Your choice of appropriate dance attire.
  • Jazz: Any style leotard or dance attire. No clothing may be worn to obstruct the view of the body (i.e. baggy shirts/ pants). Jazz shoes are required.
  • Tap: Comfortable dance attire. No pants that drag on the floor, feet must be visible. Tap shoes required.
  • Hip Hop/ Breaking: Comfortable clothing. No tight jeans. No skirts, no boots, no flip flops, no elevated shoes of any sort. Sneakers preferred. Pant bottoms must be below the knee. Baggy clothing, OK. For breaking, protective gear is suggested (i.e. knee pads, head gear, arm wrist bands).
For more information about our dress code or required attire for our classes, please contact us today or visit our online dress code store at Discount Dance. (Use the drop down menu on that page to find the dance style you need, such as jazz, ballet, etc.)