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Come join us at Dance Attack!

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The Dance Attack! Vision

The Vision and Mission of Dance Attack! is to deliver top technical training, while inspiring all students to develop confidence, community, life skills, and a love of learning.
Core Values
We believe that we learn from each other and we are stronger together.  Everyone brings a unique piece of themselves to our dance family. Respect is key!
We believe that every dancer can be encouraged to do their best.
We believe in showing strength and perseverance.  Responsible practice and dedication to the discipline of dance will propel a dancer to amazing results.
We believe that learning dance technique, learning dance history, 
and displaying a love of learning are the key to progress.  Dance combinations and full dances are always connected to the techniques that are introduced in the class.
We believe in the power of Team. Being a supportive and responsible team mate, whether in class, auditions, performance, or competitions, will motivate each dancer to do their best, and will create the best memories of your dance training.
We believe that everyone goes through hardships and frustration. With support from the teachers, team, and friends at Dance Attack!, we can withstand anything!

Dance Attack!  offers classes for ages 2.5 to adult


A little about our studio: 

  • Our Combo Program is for students aged two and a half through eight years old. These are age specific classes that include tap, ballet, and some jazz. These classes give the children a fantastic beginning exposure to different types of dance. We have found that this “combination” technique helps to keep the kids excited, interested, and focused for the entire class. The ideal pathway is to enter with the two, three or four year old program and then graduate to our more advanced combo classes:
    • 5.5 -7.5 yr. old Dance Essentials 1 class
    • 6-8 yr. old Dance Essentials 2 class
  • Once students are taking the Dance Essentials 2 class, we  recommend adding a 6-9 yr. Ballet 1 class for students interested in Performing Company auditions.
  • We also offer beginning classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop for ages 8 years old and up, including beginning Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop for teenagers with no prior dance experience.

We produce a Showcase (theater recital) every other year for all dancers in a five and a half year old class and older.   This event is held at a theater with more elaborate costumes and assigned-seating tickets. It is a great way to showcase what the dancers have been working on throughout the year.  

For all three and a half year old classes through our six to eight year old classes, we offer a Candy Cane Concert (December) and an Ice Cream Concert (June).  These are special events for our youngest dancers, and for family and friends. They give the dancers the experience to perform in front of an audience, which builds confidence.

Our Performing Company performs at community events and participates in top dance competitions and conventions. Our outstanding team includes many national scholarship finalists and national convention company members. If your dancer has a passion for dance and competition, the Performing Company may be for you.

Many dancers are involved in other sports, music or theater activities.  We offer a full program for these dancers who want to continue enjoying dance on a once or twice a week program.  

Dance Attack is proud to offer Adaptive Dance classes for dancers with special needs.  We are dedicated to work with families to help ensure every dancer is able to participate. To that end, dancers who receive very specific accommodations at school or the workplace may be best suited to study dance in this program.  This helps us to be sure our teachers are able to match the education plan you have in place to help maintain consistency across learning platforms.

For more information, please call 408-356-6456 (Los Gatos)

or 408-245-5432 (Sunnyvale) or text us at 408-684-5678 or email us at info@danceattack.com.

Come Dance With Us!