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Dance Classes in Los Gatos, CA & Sunnyvale, CA

Dance Attack offers all levels of dance classes in both Los Gatos, CA and Sunnyvale, CA. Our two studio locations serve students of all ages. We strive to help every student develop their confidence and dance technique in a friendly and encouraging environment. We offer both award-winning competitive dance programs and recreational dance instruction, and are proud to work with students of all skill levels, including those with developmental disabilities and in wheelchairs. Our dance classes cover a variety of disciplines including: Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary, and Modern dance.


Customers are responsible for making timely payments of their balances due on their Dance Attack! account. We require enrolled students to be registered for autopay. If a payment is declined or is not received on or before the 10th of the month, Dance Attack! has the customer’s authorization to initiate electronic payments for any balances due on the account PLUS an administrative late fee of $15.00.

Payments will be processed with the payment method/information shown in the customer’s file. Email notifications will be sent any time a payment is processed. This authorization will remain in effect until notified by the customer in writing that the authorization should be terminated.

If for any reason, a payment(s) cannot be processed with the information on the customer’s file and the account balance remains overdue, the student’s enrollment(s) will be canceled.

In the case of separated families, the parent bringing the child to dance will be responsible for a past due account.

You are welcome to make early payments by other methods (i.e. check, cash, other credit card). Returned checks will include a fee of $25.00.

  • Class sizes are limited. Paid tuition reserves your place in class and is due upon registration.
  • Classes without adequate registration will be canceled.
  • Cash, checks, credit cards accepted. No Refunds.


We have 2 different schedules throughout the year, our School Year Session (Aug – June), and our Summer Session (mid-June – July). When you register for a class, you are enrolled in that class for the length of the current program or until you drop the class.

To drop a class, notify us in writing by the 20th of the month to avoid tuition charges for the following month.  There is no option to drop classes through the online portal, because we need to verify that the drop is for the right day or week, and that autopay will be paused.  Please be sure to notify our admins in writing by the 20th to avoid being charged for the following month.



If you miss or plan to miss your class, you are welcome to do a “make-up” class with an equivalent class while you are still enrolled. The class must be age appropriate, and space should be available. Please contact the front desk to see which classes are open for make-ups. If there are no equivalent classes, please ask at the front desk for other class suggestions.

We do not refund missed classes.


Registration fees apply to enrollment and drop in cards of any sort. There is an initial registration fee of $25 that is non-refundable.

To register for a class, please visit our Dance Class Registration page.


Receive a $20 credit on your Dance Attack! Account when you refer a new student. Email us at info@danceattack.com stating who you referred, or leave your information at the front desk. Referrals must be registered. Drop-ins do not apply.

Drop-In Classes:

Drop-ins are welcome with teacher approval and if room permits. Please check to see if class is taking place before dropping in.

  • 30 minute class = $20.00
  • 45 – 60 minute class = $25.00
  • 90 minute class = $30.00

Drop-In Cards for Adults only(18yrs. and older):

Registration fee required for these cards. Bring in your card to be punched for each class. Please check to see if class is actually taking place before dropping in.

  • 10 hrs = $225

Quality Dance Programs in Los Gatos, CA & Sunnyvale, CA

Dance Attack Studios provides quality dance programs and instruction and has been rated “The Best of Best” for a number of years by Bay Area Parent. We are proud to provide a range of dance programs to students of all ages, and are dedicated to helping our students develop their confidence and enhance their dancing skills.

For more information about our class offerings, class dates or for general questions, please contact Dance Attack Studios at 408-356-6456 to reach our Los Gatos studio, or 408-245-5432 to reach our Sunnyvale studio.

We look forward to hearing from you!  Come dance with us!

Group Recital

Hours Per Week Monthly (4 weeks)
.5 $74.00
2 X .5 $144.00
.75 $78.00
2 X .75 $152.00
1.0 $82.00
1.5 $116.00
2 $148.00
2.5 $180.00
3 $210.00
3.5 $238.00
4 $264.00
4.5 $288.00
5 $310.00
5.5 $330.00
6 $336.00
6.5 $338.00