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Sunnyvale Performing Company

The Dance Attack! Vision

The Vision and Mission of Dance Attack! is to deliver top technical training, while inspiring all students to develop confidence, community, life skills, and a love of learning.
Core Values
We believe that we learn from each other and we are stronger together.  Everyone brings a unique piece of themselves to our dance family. Respect is key!
We believe that every dancer can be encouraged to do their best.
We believe in showing strength and perseverance.  Responsible practice and dedication to the discipline of dance will propel a dancer to amazing results.
We believe that learning dance technique, learning dance history, 
and displaying a love of learning are the key to progress.  Dance combinations and full dances are always connected to the techniques that are introduced in the class.
We believe in the power of Team. Being a supportive and responsible team mate, whether in class, auditions, performance, or competitions, will motivate each dancer to do their best, and will create the best memories of your dance training.
We believe that everyone goes through hardships and frustration. With support from the teachers, team, and friends at Dance Attack!, we can withstand anything!